Increasing Customer Loyalty: Tips from Semalt

Every business benefits from their recurrent clients. For online businesses, e-commerce websites target at getting repetitive customers to their website and converting them into real buyers. Many digital marketing techniques promise to increase the visibility of your site to your target niche. Some of these methods include content marketing, social media visibility and most importantly, Search Engine Optimization (SEO). However, digital techniques focus on getting the clients to your site. Keeping your customers depends on other technologies. It is easier for a previous customer to buy than to make a new client. The attention span of most website buyers is minimal. This scenario means that slight hitch or mistake on your website can make you lose a valuable customer. Getting your old customers to stick close to you is a tricky venture.

The Semalt Senior Customer Success Manager, Nik Chaykovskiy offers all e-commerce websites to use the following methods to maintain their customers:

1. Become a picky customer.

One of the best ways to learn the experience of a particular website is through using it yourself. This method ensures that you go through the full experience a visitor feels when using your site. The hardships you face is a perfect reflection of the experience of making the purchase. This feature can motivate you to make necessary adjustments to your web design features such as broken links, missing product id's and categories in another case; one can detect errors in the SEO strategy such as duplicate content.

2. Human-to-human touch.

One of the old methods of marketing is direct communication with the clients. Marketers employ this technique, and it still brings tonnes of traffic to their websites. Day to day visits can help your e-commerce business secure long term and direct clients. Meeting up with a client brings an essence of credibility as well as increasing the viability of your business. As a result, you get real persons who may influence other people to purchase your website. Moreover, this technique brings in relevant real-life testimonials, making your marketing plan to succeed.

3. It's not about you.

One mistake bloggers make is creating their websites about them. In any case, it is all about your audience. For a business to keep its customers, there is need to write quality and relevant content. As a result, you get sustainable quality readership as well as a steady flow of new customers. In other cases, SEO techniques like sending personalized messages go a long way in making the audience feel it is about them. Therefore, remember to make your audience feel the ownership of a niche. As a result, that sense of belonging breeds loyalty.


Every e-commerce website requires a clientele base for it to realize profits significant for its maintenance. Therefore, a person posting content online should invest some level of efforts on keeping their customers. Making clients stick by your option is a difficult task. Customer loyalty can be a valuable asset to any business. This guide prepares your e-commerce website and SEO efforts to target keeping the possible customers close. You can be able to regain the confidence of your old-time customers as well as make new clients once more.

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