Discover The 9 Shortcuts To Page 1 Placements On Google - Hints From Semalt

There are several types of search results on Google and it is constantly changing. Therefore, you are wise to know the different results so you can get started on gaining more space on page 1.

Here's an introduction to 9 different search results that you can win in Google's SERP today.

It is not possible to pay for page 1 ranking on Google. In the past, aggressive link building with spammy links could get you a good chunk up the list. But those times are over as Google has become a significantly smarter search engine.

Today, there are several ways to show Google that your particular content delivers the best results for the end-user.

Today, Google consists of everything from classic listings to interactive search results, each based on users' search intent.

You may still be able to land among the top blue link listings today. But these results can potentially be so far down that the user never scrolls down there.

Today, the classic listings are challenged by everything from snippets to knowledge graphs to various carousels.

How are you going to compete with that?

The answer lies in the individual searches, and we will help you here on the way to winning the results.

General search results (rich results)

The following examples are basically based on:

Featured snippets

Featured snippets are answers that rank in the very top results of a Google search. It is therefore also said that a featured snippet is in "Position Zero".

A featured snippet basically answers an informative search, which can include text, lists, images, etc.

Rich snippets

Rich snippets are organic results that provide additional information for a particular search. These results are typically more dynamic and engage the user.

Knowledge graph

A knowledge graph (or graph) is a way Google delivers the result based on multi-source input.

This will typically be seen on larger informative searches.

Local Business (Google My Business)

Google My Business is a way for companies to manage their presence in MapPack, Photos, and more.

The goal is to make it easier for users / customers to find companies.

How do I win these results?

The way these results are gained is based on many factors that only Google ultimately knows. However, through experience and general guidelines from Google itself, there are some clear approaches that significantly increase the likelihood.

We will review these in the post here.

It is mainly based on:
So basically the same general guidelines that are behind many areas of SEO.

Still, here are 9 shortcuts to getting more page 1 rankings in Google.

1. Classic organic search result (text-based)

This result is perhaps the best known as it is based on most search results. It is also based on the general "blue link" listing, which consists of a page title and a Meta description.

It is harder today than ever to win these results.

This is partly because competition has increased (and continues to increase), and blue links are becoming rarer, with each passing day.

Typically, Google will provide the opportunity to win another kind of result, which engages the user more, as well as provides more information. 

More information in the SERP is something Google likes.

How to optimize:

2. FAQ result

FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions and is based on related questions, which are an extension of a given topic.

In search results, you can use the FAQ to gain more of the space, which is formed in the corresponding FAQ answers under your organic listing.

How to optimize:

3. Video carousel

Studies show that 80% of all consumer traffic on the Internet will go to videos in 2021. This once again underpins the importance of video, which is why Google places this high value in its SERP.

Therefore, on searches, you will often see a video carousel that shows up over most of the results on page 1 of Google. This will often be seen on descriptive searches or guides as "how to".

How to optimize:

4. List table snippet

A list table can be a good way to display information in a setup way.

Compared to several of the other results, there are still many who do not actively go after these results. It gives the user a good overview of several of the points before they click in.

How to optimize:

5. Paragraph snippet

This kind of featured snippet, you have probably encountered several times. 

This is because it is one of the more frequent results, which gives a result consisting of up to 50 words. The result consists of text, page title, URL, and a featured image.

This snippet is therefore a really good opportunity for you and your company to stand out in the results and show authority.

How to optimize:

6. Google My Business listing

With a good markup, you will be able to list your business, which increases interactivity already in the search results.

With Google My Business, users can find your address, phone number, opening hours, and other important information related to your business. Something that generally also helps you in local searches.

As a restaurant, for example, it is possible to get bookings directly through the local business results.

The more information you provide these results, the more space you gain.

How to optimize:

7. Top stories carousel

A carousel of top stories shows the title, name, and image of the results. These results can be gained by news media and blog sites.

How to optimize:

8. Reviews (review snippet)

With a review-optimized markup, you can expand your rich result with an overview of your reviews.

This is possible for products, recipes, local shops, and entertainment.

How to optimize:

9. Logo and knowledge panel

Make sure you get the most out of your branding by making sure that your company logo appears in your business panel in the search engine.

This is what you need to do using the right markup.

How to optimize:
Key takeaways
In general, please follow Google's guidelines for structured data. 

You can also use Google's rich results testing tool, which allows you to see if your page supports rich results and get optimization tips.

As with all matters relating to SEO, these results are constantly evolving and may not cover everyone. Sometimes Google also tests new SERP features that may not meet expectations. This is why we advise you to study them carefully first.

Then, your eternal lesson - if you want organic visibility, you need to follow the evolution of Google (and other search engines), to know how the search intent of tomorrow will affect your results.

Otherwise, if you happen to lack the skills to apply exactly these different shortcuts, don't worry about it at all.  

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